Feather Touch Brow Tattoo
Feather Touch, Microblading, micropigmentation or 3-D brows are some of the many terms used for this procedure. This procedure results in a natural looking eyebrow as fine hair-like strokes are created to mimic that of your own eyebrow hairs. Brows are individually designed to suit each person depending on your needs. You will be confident knowing that your brows are always perfect and that they won’t rub off.

Some reasons why people choose to have this procedure done are due to: Hair loss, lack of definition and shape; overplucked, gaps or to lengthen tails of brows; to thicken brows, correct asymmetry, active lifestyle, tired of applying brow makeup each morning. Also people with medical conditions such as alopecia, hair loss due to chemotherapy, thyroid problems, stress or diet can greatly benefit having this procedure done.

The Procedure
The brow lines are made using a very fine blade to deposit hypo-allergenic pigments into the epidermis. A topical anaesthetic numbing cream is applied prior to commencement and anaesthetic numbing gel is continually used throughout the entire procedure to decrease any pain or discomfort.
Your new brows may last up to 2yrs, depending on your skin type, how well it holds the pigment and how well you follow the post care instructions as results vary from person to person. There are many colours to choose from.
The pigment colour will appear 40-50% darker in the first week than the actual colour chosen but the colour will also fade during the 4weeks until it resurfaces again as the initial colour chosen.

Feather Touch Brow procedure includes:
-Consultation to determine the perfect brow shape and colour.
-The initial Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrow procedure.
(consent forms will be required to be signed)
-Also a follow up appointment 6 weeks later to touchup and perfect.
-Post care instructions
This treatment will only be performed with prior consultation, agreement from client and signed consent forms. Allow approx. 2hrs for the appointment.

After the procedure
For 5 days you will not be able to swim, use saunas or spas, avoid sweating, do not get the area wet during showering and do not use product (moisturiser, makeup etc) on or close to the area. Stay out the sun, too much sun exposure can cause blistering. You may find that as the area heals the skin will flake away, you cannot peel or pick at it, just apply cream over this. Follow these instructions for the first 5 days.

At the 6week followup
Some parts may not ‘hold’ as well as others and you may have a few patches that need more colour or evening out, everyone heals differently and that is why we have a follow-up to review and touchup as necessary if required. This appointment is included in the initial cost paid at the first procedure.

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