Brow Services
Having experience in eyebrow shaping has come from many years experience of applying womens makeup. Once the brow shape is complete I feel that the face is finished off beautifully. The Brow Sculpt service I offer is about working with you to create the perfect shape brows over time. You can come in for a wax and tint and I still put in that extra effort to quickly analyse the shape before I start taking away hair but for those wanting great long term brows the Brow Sculpt is for you.

The procedure
I measure and draw up the shape of your brows or how they could look. I discuss with you where you need to let the hair grow and what you shouldn’t touch until your next appointment. Remember its long term brows, we are getting you to a point where you’ll be happy with your brows again its not a 5min wax. Allow 1hr for the appointment.

Brow Sculpt procedure includes
-Consultation to discuss desired shape you’re after.
-Drawing the brow shape in.
-A wax & tint.
-Explanation on how to achieve your ultimate brow shape over time.
-Discuss with you how to shape your own brows at home with brow gel or pencil.

After the procedure
To get the most out of your tint don’t wet your brows for 24hrs. When you come back for your next appointment in 3-4 weeks or longer depending on when you need another wax you won’t pay the brow sculpt cost again you’ll only need a wax/tint.