Eyeliner Tattoo
People who decide to have an eyeliner tattoo done may be because they are allergic to makeup but like having the look of eyeliner on, don’t have a steady hand for a liner, short on time in the morning or because they’d like to enhance lashes to look full.

The procedure
The eyeliner is done using a digital machine with a fine needle to deposit pigment into the upper or lower lash line. You can choose to have a subtle lash enhancer which is a fine line close to the lashes (which makes lashes appear longer) or you can opt for a more bolder line. Various colours to choose from.
A topical aesthetic numbing cream is applied prior to commencement and aesthetic numbing gel is continually used throughout the entire procedure to decrease any pain or discomfort.
Your eyeliner may last up to 2yrs, depending on your skin type, how well it holds the pigment and how well you follow the post care instructions as results vary from person to person. The pigment colour may appear darker in the first week and may fade during the 4weeks.

Eyeliner procedure includes
-Consultation if required, a patch test can be done.
-The initial Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner procedure.
(consent forms will be required to be signed)
-Also a followup appointment 6 weeks laster to touchup and perfect if required.
-Post care instructions.
This treatment will only be performed with clients agreement and signed consent forms. Allow approx. 2-3hrs depending on what you are having done for the procedure.

After the procedure
For 5 days you will not be able to swim, use saunas or spas and do not get the liner wet during showering or use product such as mascara and eye makeup while the eyeliner is in the healing stage. You can apply a bepanthem cream as often as needed and you may find the ink will flake, you cannot pick at it, just apply cream over this. Follow these instructions for the first 5 days. You will be given an after care sheet to take home.

At the 6week followup
The followup is to review and touchup as necessary if any. For eyeliner you may need to build up more layers or deepen colour and size of the line. This appointment is included in the initial cost paid at the first procedure.