Lash Lift | Makeup Artist & Cosmetic Tattoo

A lash lift will enhance, lengthen and curl your natural lash by lifting at the lash root. It will not damage your natural lashes, as it does not interfere with the lashes normal growth cycle.
It is in fact quite relaxing as you get to close your eyes during the treatment and does not hurt at all. Suitable for both short or long lashes and lasts from 6-8weeks or even up to 12wks for some people (as results can vary from person to person). Allow 45mins.

-Please do not wear any eye makeup to the appointment.
-Contact lenses will need to be removed.
-You will need to wait for any eye infections or irritations to clear before having the lash lift performed.

-for 24hrs after the treatment: Keep lashes dry and free of makeup & makeup remover, avoid steamy showers, spas/saunas, shampoo/conditioner can weaken the tint colour and relax the lash lift, it’s best to wait the 24hrs before doing any of the above.
-If irritation occurs apply a clean cold wet pad to the eye area or contact a doctor, try not to rub your eyes.
-You can repeat the treatment after a minimum of 4 weeks after the first treatment.
-You may not need mascara at all after the treatment but if you wish to wear it I advise using a non-waterproof mascara to get lasting results from your lash lift.
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